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Global Travel and Resorts Inc (GT*R Inc) is both a visitor and community centered professional hospitality, leisure and tourism development and marketing company based in San Francisco Bay Area in California. Both directly and through the Global Travel and Vacation Club, we connect club members and visitors seeking memorable hospitality, travel and vacation experiences with reputable providers of quality classified and ranked/rated attractions, facilities and services worldwide. Please browse our interactive destination links to the various destination attractions, entertainments facilities, lodges, resorts, vacation homes and tour operators we partner with to offer you great, exceptional deals and packages.

Global Travel and Resorts Inc is a professional hospitality, travel, tourism and destination management and marketing and consulting company located in the San Francisco Bay Area in California, USA. As a global company with an elaborate network of highly trained international, national and local experts in hospitality, recreation and tourism planning, development and marketing, we work with our clients to create and deliver quality products, services and memorable visitor experiences worldwide.

Our management, staff and corporate affiliates recognize that travelers and visitors play an important role in enhancing quality of life and supporting environmental conservation efforts in destination communities. As such, they should be treated fairly and equitably by their hosts. We believe that through fair, equitable treatment and valued exchanges between host communities and guests, travel and tourism can be used to promote global prosperity and peace, sustainable development, cultural enrichment, human and international understanding.

Global Travel and Vacation Club has five categories of corporate membership